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  • Murad Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel

Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel

  • 3.3 FL. OZ.

  • $85.00

  • Quantity: 1

  • Phase 1 resurfaces for smoother, brighter skin
  • Phase 2 nourishes for a more vibrant complexion
  • Solution for dullness, rough texture and uneven skin tone
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Daily bi-phase peel rejuvenates and nourishes.

  • Phase 1 resurfaces for smoother, brighter skin
  • Phase 2 nourishes for a more vibrant complexion
  • Solution for dullness, rough texture and uneven skin tone
  • 3.3 FL. OZ.

  • $85.00

  • Quantity: 1

  • Phase 1 resurfaces for smoother, brighter skin
  • Phase 2 nourishes for a more vibrant complexion
  • Solution for dullness, rough texture and uneven skin tone
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Accelerates Cell Renewal by 33% in 7 Days
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It’s Exfoliation the Way Youthful Skin Intended: Effective, Not Aggressive

Unlike other peels that only remove the surface layer of skin, Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel combines multi-level exfoliation, youth-boosting treatment and intensive nourishment to take your skin from dull to glow in just one step—all while being gentle on skin.

Which skin type is it good for?

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Dry


Unretouched Real Results

After 4 Weeks:

  • 96% saw smoother texture
  • 88% saw more radiant skin
  • 84% noticed brighter skin and more even tone
  • 84% noticed healthier-looking, more nourished skin


Backed by Science to Optimize Skin Wellness
  • Aha Blend Ingredient

    AHA Blend (Glycolic, Lactic and Malic Acids)

    Multi-benefit exfoliants that remove dull surface cells to smooth and improve skin texture, brightness and clarity over time.

  • Salicylic Acid Ingredient

    BHA (Salicylic Acid)

    Removes pore-clogging debris for a clearer complexion.

  • Tranexmic Acid Ingredient

    TXA (Tranexamic Acid)

    TXA helps soothe, brighten, revive dull skin and even tone.

  • Holy Basil Ingredient

    Holy Basil

    Adaptogenic herb with antioxidants and soothing benefits to help skin fight oxidative stress (such as pollution) and help calm skin.

  • Parabens Ingredient


  • Sulfates Ingredient


  • Phthalates Ingredient


  • Gluten Ingredient


  • Animal-Derived Ingredient

    Animal-Derived Ingredients


To Use: PM
Renewing Cleansing Cream Cleanse Article

Cleanse your skin (we recommend Renewing Cleansing Cream). Rinse and pat dry.

Apply Article

Shake then sweep over clean face, neck and chest. Do not rinse.

Finish Article

Follow with Retinol Youth Renewal Serum or a moisturizer.


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Peelin’ Good with Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel

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  • MCBKansas Verified User

    Oct 1st 2019
    The best for my skin

    I use a daily exfoliator to help reduce blemishes and help hyper pigmentation. This peel makes my skin glow! After a few weeks, out of nowhere my daughter said your face looks really tanned. Actually it was fresh and glowing from using this product. Definitely apply with a cotton pad so you don't over do it. Too much can cause uncomfortable tingly. I started using this after Dermalogica's daily exfoliator caused a mealy rash on my face. I only used Dermalogica because my friend in training pushed the product. Now, I only use Murad for my facials. I've never had issues with any product from Murad so I'm sticking with it.

  • hanh Verified User

    Sep 27th 2019
    great for acne and scars

    helps with my acne scars, does not cause break out, slightly tingle but it absorbs quite fast even it is an oil base

  • lindsey m. Verified User

    Sep 24th 2019
    Great for every night

    I was skeptical because I saw this on an ad with a celebrity I follow on IG. I am black so I try to stick with products that will not harm my skin and I also still have acne problems. I use this product pretty much every night. There is a slight tingle that goes away after a few seconds. I notice that my skin is softer and also I have not had as many breakouts since I've been using the product. It is worth the price and I will continue to use it.

  • Marlene C. Verified User

    Sep 23rd 2019
    Love it

    Got it as a sanple and I love it makes my face so smootj and my acne scars have been disappearing and my pore are smaller

  • Jessica B. Verified User

    Sep 22nd 2019

    Amazing ! Really does well for the skin .

  • Carlie Verified User

    Sep 21st 2019

    One of my favorite products!

  • Monica Verified User

    Sep 20th 2019
    Very good peel

    Great peel, gentle and bright.

  • Joyce Verified User

    Sep 18th 2019
    This really rocks!

    My skin looks amazing after 4 weeks of using this.

  • Tanja Verified User

    Sep 17th 2019
    This stuff ROCKS!!!

    My daughter had received a sample of this multi acid peel from a giveaway on Instagram. After she used it only a few times, her overall face looked more refined, clearer complexion, pimples dried up and the pores were smaller. She had started to have such a beautiful natural glow, and no highlighter was needed. I had asked her what she was using because I had actually forgot that she received a 10mL sample, which honestly lasted her about three weeks. She told me that the ONLY thing different was the Murad multi acid peel. That's it, I was immediately SOLD, especially after seeing how fast this "magic potion" works!!! She also has very fair skin that's not only finicky but also EXTREMELY sensitive, but this didn't bother her skin in a single negative manner. That alone is worth buying this for her!

    Fast forward to when mama actually got her own bottle...

    After using it just twice, I could see a difference in the texture of my skin. I didn't know if it was wishful thinking, so of course I kept using it. After using it only about five times, my melasma started to lighten up! Oh my gosh, anyone who has melasma also knows that it can often be hard to lighten a dark patch, especially when you have pale skin, like my daughter and I. I also have had improvement with the pesky deep blackheads on my chin. This peel has dried them right up. My overall complexion looks so much healthier, and my lines are starting to let up a bit. In all honesty, I was a bit hesitant to leave a review, simply because I don't want everyone buying this stuff all up. Yes, it's really THAT GOOD, I can't praise this peel enough, especially for those who have sensitive skin, melasma, acne, lines,